The Rainy Dusk (Original Title: 黄昏の雨 Tasogare no Ame)

DIRECTOR: Hisanori Tamura, Tomohito Goshozono
Hisanori Tamura, Mai Takachiyo
Hisanori Tamura
Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese


This mini-series of 8 short films (approximately 12 to 15 minutes each including credits), are all connected but could be watched independently as well.
The pilot version will be put on this page in order to have a clear context of the 8 short films.
Each character has its own struggle, a struggle that is typical and common to the Tokyo LGBT community - and in extent, worldwide LGBT community -, from internal discrimination to drug addiction.
This film series has been inspired by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, blending Lars von Trier’s Depression Trilogy (Antichrist, Melancholia and Nymphomaniac), Russell T Davies’ Queer As Folk and Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Penance (Shokuzai)


Considering the LGBT population being one of the major minorities in the world, and Tokyo being one of the biggest city in the world along Mexico city, it is unfortunate that the Tokyo LGBT community is unknown, compared to those in New York, San Francisco, Paris and Berlin for example. The problems of the LGBT community differ according to the country and the local culture/traditions, highlighting the issues of Tokyo’s LGBT community may be necessary in order to support the “new LGBT”, the young generation and youth who would possibly face the issues that we would present throughout this series of short films. It is a way to tell the future generation that they aren’t alone and these issues were faced by the “elders”. Most importantly, the problems raised by this film are the main causes of feeling of isolation, being the only one facing such problems and causing depression, that could transform ultimately into suicidal thoughts in worst cases. Therefore it is important to surface these issues in order to generate empathy from those who have hard time understanding the essence of LGBT community’s distress.


The director, producer and writer, Hisanori Tamura, is part of the LGBT community and has been open to his sexuality. He has witnessed and experienced diverse problems within the LGBT community and is surrounded by many people who have faced such realities. He had unfortunately known several people who have committed suicide due to their psychological burden. Therefore, he is able to portray the reality and create authentic stories for this short film series.

Hisanori’s father is Japanese and his mother is Thai with Vietnamese and French backgrounds. He is fluent in English, Japanese and French and can also have conversation in Spanish and Portuguese. As his father was a diplomat, he lived not only in Japan, but also in Thailand, Canada, Kenya, Luxembourg, Libya and Australia, and he spent 15 years in France. After graduating and obtaining the Master’s degree at INALCO, Paris 8 University and EHESS, he starts working as a consultant in partnership with French multinational companies. In 2015, he moves back to Japan and works mainly for major French media as a fixer and local coordinator. Today he works from news to documentaries, advertisement and films.

The director and cinematographer, Tomohito Goshozono has a long experience in filmmaking, and shares Western and Japanese taste in his filming style. Being bicultural like Hisanori, he is able to make a film that could have both Japanese and Western touch and core values.

Tomohito is a Mexican born Japanese. He lived in Mexico until 20 years old, and after graduating bilingual school, he studied in Nihon University for 4 years, then later returned to Mexico as a Japanese/English/Spanish translator and interpreter. After 6 months, he transferred his home base to Japan, and starts working in a company treating news and corporate media. Today, he works not only in technical fields such as DIT or AC, but also works as a freelancer for documentaries, advertisements and films as a direction advisor or story composer. Most of the projects that he participates in is with foreign production companies, so he coordinates and works for production as well.


The casts are active LGBT community members, and each people will portray a particular issue. The actor should have experienced the issue he will portray, to enhance reality in facial and vocal expressions, and in ad-lib dialogues if it may happen. The casts will all be picked in Shinjuku Nichome district, and we will choose those who have experience in acting, whether it is for stage or film.


Although the location is mainly in Shinjuku Nichome and in a certain bar where all protagonists are linked to, we may film in Tokyo for different shots, in order to portray Tokyo and its characteristics in this series of short film.


Not only the short film series is targeted to the “new LGBT”, the young generation and youth, but also to non-LGBT public as we seek empathy and correct understanding of the internal issues of an LGBT person.


The estimated budget for this film is 100,000 JPY per episode, resulting 800,000 JPY for the entire series. It is, thanks to the help and understanding of a group of people in Shinjuku Nichome, we will have free location and cast fees, and the crew will be making this series without any compensation because it is our first narrative film. We will collect the budget using crowdfunding, and in addition to self-funding, we would use 200,000 JPY per film festival to participate to 4 film festivals in order to sell and participate directly to Sundance, Cannes, Berlin and Venice film festivals, and of course Short Shorts being held in Tokyo.


The 8 short films would be submitted to the 10 film festivals; Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Aspen Shortfest, Raindance, Berlin Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia.


Depending on how far this short film series could go, and how much money we will receive after selling the rights to diverse distribution companies, we will be able to make a feature film. Ideally being able to reach 20,000,000 JPY, to be able to make one feature film, Parasite (Kiseichu).

黄昏の雨 (別名: The Rainy Dusk)

監督: 田村尚徳、御所園智仁
日本語、英語、スペイン語 、ポルトガル語