The Nomad Filmmakers Union was born during the Cannes Film Festival 2017. The founder Hisanori Tamura, the director, Shota Kasumi and the producer, Sei Sugiura were chatting about the film that they presenting that year during the festival. 

I Want To See You Again In My Dreams, Okâsan, is a short film shot in Thailand and exclusively in Thai language, directed by a Shota Kasumi, a Japanese director who always wished to challenge himself: "Can I make a foreign film without belonging in their cultural sphere?"

Hisanori Tamura has always been in between several cultures. Having a Japanese father, a Thai-Vietnamese mother and being raised mainly in France, but not only, has never belonged in a particular cultural identity, but considers having many identities in him.

Thus, he said to himself:

"Art has no borders. So why put a border in something we don't have to? I don't need to make a Japanese film because I'm Japanese. If I want to make a French, Bosnian or Thai film, I can. Because I'm international. I am not the only one in this world thinking like this. So we shall start small. We are few to wish to make something beyond our identities.  We are in 2017. We have no single identity but we have several identities in us.  No more borders in nationalities, sexualities, race, gender, religion and political ideologies. No more rules. This is art. Art is humanity. Humanity is art.

I wanted to expand humanity through teaching when I was young. Recently through journalism. But I finally found a place where I can develop humanity in this society: through films, through directors and producers who share the same ideology as I do, to those who want to change this world, to change from a small place, to those who will open their arms to not only people in the filming industry, but also in art, animation, music, journalism, photography and NPO/NGOs... No matter how long it will take, we will make that happen."

This is where everything started.

The Nomad Filmmakers Union is a group that is composed with filmmakers (directors, producers, artists, journalists etc.) that wishes to participate and contribute in creation of films that doesn't belong in their cultural sphere or language. This group is challenging these goals in order to spread humanity through the film industry:

- We will research, learn and understand the history, the people, the culture and the events and problems of a certain country that interest us.

- We will pick up a subject or a theme that concerns us, that we are interested in, and plan a filming project in order to make the citizen of the directors'/producers' country, discover and understand better the events happening and problems occuring in the world.

- We will make a film that is in a foreign language for the directors and/or the producers, because we don't have to be a citizen of that country to write a story about it.

- The group is composed with different nationalities and identities, and is willing to distribute through the world because our subject concerns all of us as we live all in the same planet, and because we care about other nations' and people's lives.

- We will try to participate in changing the world. We are filmmakers, not politicians nor powerful human beings, but we believe that we can change the world, make a better place, make people understand the problems and issues of the diverse societies and we will try to make that happen through films.

If you want to participate in the creation of a better world through a form of art called film, if you want to discover the world that is beyond your borders, just pass through it, and come and join us.

- Hisanori TAMURA, founder of Nomad Filmmakers Union

“A filmmaker’s most important tool is humanity. You want to able to capture humanity in your stories and bring out humanity in your characters.”
— Ryan Coogler